About God Of War Game in 2023

Hello friends, Today I will be talking about the God Of War Game. This is amazing and mind-blowing for every game lover. Now talk about this game. 

This game is fully action-adventure and created by David Jaffer at Sony’s Santa Monica studio. This game is an ancient mythology-based game. It was started in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 video game console. In no time, this game became very famous among the players. 

This game has been developed by Dawn, Daybreak Game Company in Javaground, Santa Monica Studio. Its designers are David Jaffe, Cory Barlog, and Mark Simon. this game got a VGX Award for Strongest Hero of All Time which is most important for any game company. The artist of this game is Charlie Wayne and this game was released for PlayStation 2; Java ME; PlayStation Portable; PlayStation 3; PlayStation Vita; and PlayStation 4; Can be played on the PlayStation 5 gaming platform.

Short Story Of God Of War Game

God Of War

The story of this game begins with Kratos, who is the commander of a star who has never learned defeat to date. At the beginning of the game, we see Kartos fighting a war with his army. The cards are badly lost. After which Kartos calls Ares. (Who is a God of War and is also a god.) 

He says to Ares, “Ares you kill my all enemy and my life is yours.” After that, Ares kills all the enemies of kartos and he wins the war. After that Kartos becomes the slave of Ares. he makes kartos do all the bad things. After that Kartos becomes the slave of Ares. he makes kartos do all the bad things.

One day Kratos killed his family. After which, an old woman gives shroff to Kartos. “From today onwards your body will be covered with the ashes of dead people.” To get rid of this shroff, kartos embarks on a new journey, where he faces many different types of enemies and problems. But they do not leave their problem. 

On this journey, Kartos learns that to get rid of this Sharaf, he must obtain Pindora’s Box. 

Pandora Box The guardians of Pandora’s Box are made of mortal women. Eliminates the karatos of these three women. After that, he reaches to Pindora’s Box. But Ares comes to know about this. After this, Ares attacks Kartos vigorously. And thinks that Kartos is dead. But he survives. And once after checking the time. Opens Pandora’s box. The entire contents of that box go into cards. With the help of this Kartos kills Ares and Kartos becomes a new God of War. After this, the story of this game ends here.

Kratos God Of War

Kartos God Of War

Kratos God Of War game character. According to the game, He is a son of Zeus and a powerful warrior of Sparta. In his family, he has a 5-year-old daughter and his wife. Who kartos love very much. It has won every war to date. He also has a brother, whom Ares takes in as a child. 

After which, in the memory of Kartos Bhai, he got a tattoo like him on his face and body. Kartos’s height is said to be 6 feet 6 inches tall. But recently its developers have stated its height to be 7 feet as per the comics. 

One day he destroyed his own family. under the pressure of areas. after this moment, the kartos kill him areas and become the God Of War. He is a powerful warrior and soldier of Sparta. The best weapon is the Blade Of Olympus. This weapon is much more powerful than it gives Ares to Carto. when he makes it a deal to own life.

Who is God Of War

According to the game, the first god of war is Ares. But Kartos Becomes New God Of War After the Finish Ares. That remains Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. But after God of War Ragnarok, he becomes a full-fledged God as you can see in this game.

God Of War Characters of 2005 Series

Here is some information about God Of War Characters.



He is the lead character in this game, which is based on Greek mythology. His favorite weapon name is Blade of Chaos. This weapon is a double-chained blades.



According to this game, he is the most powerful god and king of the Olympian gods. He has the power of thunder and much more to do anything.



Ares is a twelve-Olympian Greek god of war and son of Zeus and Hera.



She is an ancient Greek goddess. One who is adept in knowledge, war, and craft. In the God of War 1 game, she was Kratos’ mentor and ally, and it is believed that Athena was Kratos’s half-sister.  This is the main character of God of War 1.

FAQs To Related God Of War Game

Q: Is God of War available on PC?

A: Yes, the God of War game is available for PC on 1-14-2022.

Q: Which God of War is free to play?

A: God of Sparta War.

Q: How many GB is God of War PC?

A:  This game size is 34.6 GB for the PC.

Q: How old is Kratos?

A: According to the God of War Ragnarok game, Kratos is approximately 1,055 years old.